Motorcycle Seat Gels


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Closeout on ALL Remaining Gel / Polymers
A Great Way To Add Riding Comfort to Your Motorcycle Seat.   This product can be used in the driver or passenger section of any Motorcycle Seat.   The Gel / Polymer can be cut and molded to fit your seat however you need comfort in your seat.    This product does not leak, ooze, or evaporate.  It can be inserted permanently into your seat with simple shop tools.  This is a Great Product to add comfort to very thin custom seats and will definitely add comfort to anyone riding on a hard tail frame.     Sold as a set or single.   order Your Comfort Today.

Small Light Blue Gel / Polymer
10″ length 11″ width — 3/8 thick

Medium Light Blue Gel / Polymer
10″ length 14″ width — 3/8 thick

Large Light Blue Gel / Polymer
12-3/4″ length 16″ width — 3/8 thick

Gel / Polymers Combos

Large & Medium Combo  —  Sale Price — 80.00

Large & Small combo  —  Sale Price — 70.00

Medium & Small Combo  —  Sale Price — 60.00

Memory (Gel) Polymers Unique Benefits
* Eliminates pressure points that cause discomfort.
* Absorbs vibration, small bumps and road irregularities.
* Memory Gel / Polymer unaffected by water and hydrocarbon oils.
* Will always return to its original shape.
* Does not support bacteria or absorb fluids.

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