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On the Home Page click on the item you wish to view or order. You will be taken to the products info where you can choose the size, color and style the item is available in plus there is a description of the product. Make you selection and click the button – Add to Cart.

This will show you the items you have selected in your cart alone with the shipping. If you wish to add additional items to your cart click on the large RED button – Continue Shopping – on top of your cart.   If you are through shopping and wish to check out click on the BLUE button – Proceed to Checkout and you will go to the section where you see your order and you put in your name and shipping information.   Now you are ready to pay for your order. Click on the BLUE button – Proceed to PayPal.   We accept all payment types with PayPal.

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Sonny direct cell # 336-580-1638

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Any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email to the e-mail address provided below.

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